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Over 700 4K Videos In Every Style!

Whether you're a raw beginner or seasoned pro, we have you covered with step-by-step courses on every topic. Rock, Blues, Metal, Double Bass, Jazz, Rudimental, Hand Drumming, Mallet Percussion and so much more.

Over 2,000 Playalongs Tracks!

We have playalong tracks in every style you can think of, plus transcriptions of all your favorite songs! You will be jamming in no time to Hard Rock, Funk, RnB, Salsa, Samba, Metal, Euro-tech, Country, Swing, Bebop, Klezmer, Celtic and heaps more.

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Unlimited lesson plans and video reviews of your practice are our way of helping you stay on track with your progress. Rest assured the same teacher will watch your progress and offer suggestions and lessons that will keep you on track and motivated.

All The Tools You Need To Improve Your Drumming Plus Personalised Feedback

There's nothing more frustrating than a lesson website where you can access 187 different teachers, but no one is actually watching what you're doing and guiding you.. where's the constructive feedback? What if you're practicing bad habits? How would you know? With Icanplaydrums PRO we give you unlimited lesson plans and video reviews so you will always be making guided, tangible improvement with one teacher who knows your entire playing journey. All delivered through a structured 12 level program, with lessons on all topics/genres, plus 100's of playalong tracks, song transcriptions and learning tools.

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A 12 level program that guides you every step of the way.

Free website lessons and youtube videos are great, but they leave you no real guidance on what to do next, in order to achieve your long term goals. Our 12 level program ensures you will develop tangible technique, reading ability, knowledge of styles, stagecraft, and the confidence to put it all together on stage or in the studio.

You can also access over ___ 4K videos on any topic, anytime .


Starting Out

  • Drumkit setup & tuning your drums
  • Drums: maple vs birch vs mahoghany
  • Cymbals: hihats, crashes, splashes, rides, EFX. How sizing affects pitch and sustain.
  • Cast vs sheet bronze, hand hammering
  • Stick & Skin selection

Reading & Practicing

  • How to read all rhythms & rests
  • All the common dynamic markings
  • How to read drum charts: time markings, repeat sections, CODA system
  • Best practice strategies and tools. IEM's, metronomes, routines and more.

Stick & Pedal Technique

  • American, German & French Grip
  • Rebound Stroke, Moeller, Pushpull
  • 40 Rudiments around the drums
  • Speed Workouts for snare & kit
  • Drum Roll Focus & Pad Routines


  • Over 160 lessons!
  • Rock, Funk, Blues, Gospel, RnB, Shuffle etc
  • 8th, 16th, Triplet, 6-let, 32nd note grooves
  • Advanced linear beats & techniques
  • Jazz, Latin American & World grooves
  • Traditional & Wedding dances


  • Beginner to advanced in all rhythms
  • The permutation concept to exponentially increase fill vocabulary
  • Re-orchestrating rudiments & snare patterns into drum fills
  • In depth fill workshops


  • Solo types covered: open, set bars, trading solos, soloing over vamps & hits, snare solos
  • Fully notated solos beg to adv, for you to learn and perform, taught from scratch
  • Heaps of live solo and live gig footage to give real world context to the lessons


  • Orchestral & Marching Percussion - tuned & un-tuned
  • Latin & World Percussion - technique & grooves
  • Keyboard Percussion - 2 & 4 mallets, tech work, pieces, theory and reading
  • Auxiliary Percussion - instruments, grooves & techniques

2,000+ Backing Tracks

* Every track has a WITH and WITHOUT drums version for you to playalong to.

* Ballad, Bluegrass, Blues, Celtic, Country, Funk, Heavy Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Light Pop, Medium Rock, Modern Pop, Reggae, RnB, Soul, Synth Pop & World and heaps more!


Stage & Studio

* Gig deep dive - original bands & tours, cover & corporate bands, theatre & tribute shows, cruise ships and 5 star hotels

* Recording Studio walk through: audio interface, mic types, adding EFX, running a session

* Interviews with industry experts

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Drummer Health

  • Analysis of drumming movement & injury prevention for drummers
  • RSI & thoracic kyphosis from playing an instrument
  • Exercises that train the muscles NOT used when drumming, to square out posture
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Drum History & Gear

  • Early Rock n Roll & Blues drumming through to modern Rock
  • Marching band, to trad jazz, to modern jazz & the history of the trapset 
  • Different drum sounds and tuning demonstrated using the V Drums
  • Heaps of articles comparing the best gear from all brands

Your new teacher will guide you every step of the way!

Jack Bennett has been a first call drummer in Australia for over 20 years, performing in shows like Bjorn Again, Elton John Experience, national theatre tours of Hair, Shout!, Grease, Moonshadows, Hedwig & The Angry Inch and he was recently asked to join Cirque du Soleil's "NYSA" show in Berlin. As an educator, Jack has been teaching online since before youtube and social media, started in 2005 and has been at the forefront of online drum education ever since. Jack has 3 solos on the VCE drumkit syllabus and 6 on the ANZCA syllabus, and his Icanplaydrums instructional videos have received worldwide praise in Rhythm magazine, The Age and other publications.

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  • One consistent teacher guiding you
  • Over ___ videos on all topics
  • Over ___ playalong tracks in all styles
  • Step-by-step program guiding you
  • Unlimited lesson plans
  • Unlimited video reviews
  • Downloadable sheet music
  • Re-watch any lesson, any time
  • Learn from home at your own pace
  • Orchestral & Latin percussion

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