Student Driven Lesson Creation

We've made a student driven model. What that means is that we base what lessons we film next on YOUR feedback. Each week students send in their lesson suggestions, typically after we've had a chat on email as to what they need. This gives us great ideas and invaluable feedback for future lesson creation. Lessons are filmed over the weekend, and go live the following Monday through Thursday. One per day. Read more

Every Topic Covered

It doesn't matter what level or background you are as a drummer, we have you covered. Our lessons cover all stick and pedal techniques, a huge variety of styles, reading, rudiments, playalong tracks, doing gigs etc. You name it, we've got it covered! We want to hear from every one of our subscribers, to make sure we're meeting their specific needs with the video lessons we create. Read more

Expert Teaching

Jack Bennett has:

* Received 5 star reviews in international drum magazines
* Sold DVD's nationwide in drum store chains
* Written solos for the VCE Syllabus
* Coached national level students in competitions, scholarship winners and more Read more

Meet your new drum teacher - Jack Bennett

Jack is a world-renowned drum instructor who has been playing and teaching professionally for over 15 years. Since 2005, has been one of the largest drum lesson sites on the net, with over 100,000 members in 100 countries, a catalogue of DVD's and books, 5 star reviews in international drum magazines, and millions of views on this site and Youtube.

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