Learn To Play Drums Today!

1. Hold Your Sticks Correctly.

So you wanna learn to play drums eh? Well then.. let's dive right in! First up, you need to pull a good sound out of the drums, and to do that you need to hold the stick properly and strike the drum correctly.

Grip your stick between the flat of the thumb and the first knuckle of the index finger, 1/3rd from the back of the stick (this is called the fulcrum). From there the back 3 fingers come around and cradle the stick. Repeat for your other hand.

Make sure when you're striking the drum, you come down and straight back, getting 1 clean, articulate note per hand. Don't stab, and don't buzz.

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2. Play Your Pedals Correctly. 

It's important to understand that bass drum technique and hihat technique are not the same thing. Of course there is some cross over and similarities, but you need to be doing different things on either foot. So let's start with your bass drum pedal technique first. NOTE: if you're playing a double pedal, then just copy the same technique from your main pedal to your slave pedal.

BASS DRUM TECHNIQUE: You can play either "heel up" or "heel down", and it can depend on the genre of music that you're playing. I will be demonstrating "heel up" which is the more popular technique used today, you can generally get more speed and power with heel up.

Position the ball of the foot 2/3rds the way up the pedal footboard, not all the way up like the shape of the pedal might indicate. From here you get the best use of the pedal spring, and it should have a nice throw and action.

From here raise your heel off the back of the foot plate a centimetre or two. You can rest the beater on the drum skin at this point. Then to strike the drum, pivot at your hip flexor and sink the entire leg into the stroke. Stick with it and over time you will see you can generate a lot of more volume, power and speed, because you are engaging all the muscles in the upper leg.

If you play heel down, you are no longer pivoting at the hip, which means none of the larger muscles are contributing. Instead you are using only the calf muscle and the anterior fibula (shin bone muscle) to raise and lower the foot.


To begin with, place your foot all the way up the pedal, and put enough pressure through the ball of the foot that the hihats remain closed enough, that when you hit them with a stick you get a nice short, crisp "tick" sound. If you don't press the pedal down, you will get a sustained, washy sound (which sometimes you DO want) but to start with learn to close them properly and get a clean sound.

In the following video I will also be showing you how to play a hihat gliss sound. Check it out.

3. Learn Your First Beat.

To begin with we're going to get you playing the "Money Beat" (which gets it's name from the fact people have made a lot of money playing it on hit records and live shows). But really, the money beat is just the most basic 8th note beat. The cool thing about this beat is that it also serves as a bit of a launch pad from which you can play more advanced beats, by adding in extra notes on the snare, bass or hihat.

Start by playing 1 and 3 on the kick drum. Count aloud as you play across the bar. Gradually add in 2 and 4 on the snare drum with your left hand. Once you can do that, learn to count 8th notes (which is just the 4 beats in the bar, plus an "and" note in between each beat). 8th notes are twice as fast as the quarter notes you're playing on bass and snare, because there's 8 of them in a bar, rather than 4. Here is what the exercise looks like. Make sure you check out the video below.

4. Add Some Tasty Fills.

Now that we have a few beats under our belt, let's add some fills to go with them. Fills or "fill ins" are used to signal a new section of music, like going from a verse to a chorus, chorus to a bridge etc. But you can also throw them in here and there to spice things up.

To begin with we will learn a really basic 16th note fill that moves clockwise around the kit. BUT, really quickly we're going to spice up that same fill by substituting certain notes for the bass drum, and also by adding flams.

In the fill at the end of the video below, we dive into a move advanced fill for seasoned players, who want to involve doubles with their bass drum and play in 16th triplets. Enjoy!

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Learn to play drums today. 

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By Jack Bennett – Icanplaydrums.com
DVD vi – a way to apply
Copyright Rockyhouse drum fills
Media PTY LTD. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. No kick drum replica or Distribution. drum set
Whether you have got twenty minutes each third
day or five hours daily to apply, the foremost vital factor is to maximise that point therefore you’re obtaining the foremost

rewardful apply from it. There ar ways in which of active the drums that are tried to

figure and lots of that

First off ensure you're

terribly targeted bass drumand targeted. notably you

young folks, don’t build the mistakes I did.. if you can’t get one thing right,

don’t throw your sticks against the wall, keep targeted, take a breath, drum throne.  beginner drummers

apply the pattern slower

and bit by bit increase from drum kit there. Be super, super targeted and don’t

let frustration enter the equation.

If you would like to boost, your apply should be uninterrupted. flip your phone off. there's

nothing additional counter-productive than a

rehearsal that simply gets drum set

going, then is interrupted.
Make sure after you sit

right down to apply that you just are literally drum parts active, not enjoying. drum fills Don’t drum beat play kick drum after you play the drums apply and don’t apply after you play. drum tabs , learning to play.  hi hat

In alternative words, don’t apply your set patterns for a few of minutes, then get distracted and begin

shredding round the kit.

you may get obscurity quick with this approach, trust me, I did this for five years.
Only with structured, drum kit  uninterrupted, targeted

apply can you truly improve considerably.

Obviously we have a tendency tpractice routine took the

drums up as a result of they're fun and fully the electronic drum kit  best instrument bass drum within the world! conjointly

you're a minimum of seven times additional seemingly to be enticing to the alternative sex than if you play the flute. play the drums

therefore when your rehearsal you would like to reward yourself with some free time. whether drum set or not that’s enjoying on to your favorite  drum kit band on german grip

the iPod, shredding away on your double kick etc, that’s 100 percent fine,

once you’ve place within

the arduous yards. And guess what? hi hat Your free time are additional fun, as drum beat a result of you’re really drum tabs

rising and learning new beats and fills! electronic drums

USING MIRRORelectronic drum kit 
When we’re not having a drum lesson, we have a tendency to can’t get real time feedback on our

enjoying. an excellent thanks to see if drumming journey you’re play the drums doing things properly is to apply a minimum of your membranophone add

front of a mirror. Here

you would like to see the

following: drum kit 
both sticks ar identical – a likeness of every alternative (matched grip) the sticks ar bouncing properly, and bouncing to the correct height for the

degree you’re making an attempt to realize the snare drum sticks ar bouncing in straight lines and not some touring drummer strange drum set oval or

circular motion you’re not stiff within the arms or electronic drums tense matched grip across the shoulders your back three fingers ar on the stick and finger finger isn't german grip marching bands 

protruding your elbows ar relaxed and by your aspect. If you stick your

elbows out, there's

immediate tension on your shoulder muscles - having to carry the elbow out, which may cause

neck pain. you'll be able to play each combination of loud/soft and hi hat fast/slow while not projecting your elbows out drum kit 

Copyright Rockyhouse Media PTY LTD. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. musical instrument No replica or Distribution. drum beat, drum tabs, drum fill

your arms ar moving freely laterally as you play advanced drum beats

and not frozen still snare drum drum notation learn to play

Nearly everything that you just apply (rudiments, beats, fills etc) ought to

be done to a pendulum matched grip. A pendulum has excellent time, and can teach you

to develop the “internal

clock”, that is your ability to acknowledge and play

consistent steady time, while not dashing up, deceleration down, or drum set both.

A drummers  drum kit primary role is to produce a gradual

groove, and nobody drum fill

desires to play with a bass drum shells percussionist advanced drum beats World Health Organization can’t keep time. therefore as drummers we'd like to be

healthily captivated with time, feel and groove. drum music  
Metronome issues. matched grip 
So we would like to apply drums to a pendulum,

however a pendulum is sometimes terribly soft, and therefore the drums ar naturally loud. hi hat we'd like

to even up the volumes of the 2 to our ear. initial of all, attempt active softer. you would like to develop the flexibility to

play in any respect dynamic

ranges,  drum kit not simply loud, not simply soft.
A few ways in which you'll

be able to match the 2 more advanced drum beats

volumes is to use the drum sticks subsequent mixtures of headphones: learn to play
1) Bead ear plugs and

working man ear muffs
This is STILL one amongst the most effective ways in which of overcoming the degree issue. Take regula

r earplugs (ipod style) that sit within your ear. Don’t flip them up loud. Keep drum set

them moderate volume, hi hat

bear in mind that bead earplugs will do plenty of injury as a result of they sit therefore getting ready to your ear drum.

Get a small little bit of tape and tape across the plug to your ear. affirmative this sounds weird, you’ll convey ME

for it later.  drum kit Then place

regular work mans

earmuffs over the bass drum shells highest. drum sticks They cut out a drum sheet music huge quantity of sound, and defend the rear of


your ear drum from the

injury that low finish frequencies will cause.
There will be an

inclination for the ear muffs to drag on the skinny lead returning from every ear, therefore the tape can make sure the bead doesn’t fall out

of your ear and into the ear muff. You’re welcome.
2) Ear muffs that also are headphones
In alternative words – basic drum beats

noise cancellation headphones. There ar a drum notation

couple of differing types

of noise cancellation drum kit  headphones. Most headphones you may learn to play

notice in an exceedingly studio ar noise cancellation, however the foremost effective ar those that ar nearly drum set clone drum heads

of work mans ear muffs. They push tight against the aspect of the top property hardly any outside sound in. Since the skin thereforeund is how many beats

currently so soft, you

don’t need to flip them more complex rhythms up terribly loud, and you'll be able to hear each the basic drum beats

music and therefore the drums clearly. drum fill
3) In ear monitors
These ar slightly costlier, drum sticks  however do exactly as effective employment as

either of the on top of, and that they ar nearly invisible. once you’re

active in your space, drum heads aesthetics don’t matter, therefore carrying the

large work mans ear hi hat muffs is okay. drum kit 
Copyright Rockyhouse Media PTY LTD. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. No replica or Distribution. drum sheet music

On a live gig tho'... would

possibly look a touch drum teacher strange. therefore you'll be able to use noise cancellation headphones, or in ear monitors. music store The middle finger. beginner drummer  monitors seem like ipod earplugs, sit any into floor tom you drum sticks, drum rudiments.  basic beats

r ear tho', and cut out a large quantity of sound. Very cool, and practice space that they conjointly are available complexion therefore you'll be able to hardly

see them.
Its important that you just follow a more complex rhythms experienced drummers properly many drummers

structured routine, once again, don’t simply sit behind the kit, willy-nilly

bash it for ten minutes, then assume you’ve had a apply. You play drums haven’t. the subsequent routine drum kit  works well whether or not you have got half-hour or three hours to apply. It’s

shared out into three

sections with a really drum teacher deliberate order. practice space 
1) Technique
2) Exercises
3) enjoying Music music store
No matter what

proportion time you have got to apply on any given most drummers day, attempt dividing it up into the on top of three sections, and pay a fair quantity of your time on every. Why this order? drum notation

The thinking is, you develop the technique to be ready to play the

exercises that you just would really use once

enjoying real music. Technique, exercises, music.
Why these 3? Technique is our foundation, playing surface while not it we have a tendency play drums to can’t move the sticks drum sheet music expeditiously, and that we don't have any hope in any respect of capital

punishment our ideas. Exercises ar just like the words that frame our musical sentences. within exercises ar rhythms, floor tom syncopations and projecting patterns. With exercises you develop a

vocabulary of ideas and double stroke rolls phrases you'll be able to use in an experienced drummers exceedingly index finger  real basic beats musical state of affairs,

and exercises conjointly any train your technique, drum rudiments independence, and playing drums reading.
Playing music is why you hassle disbursement time on technique and

exercises. after we play music we'd like to be ready to draw on our musical vocabulary while not physical limitation. If we've no technique, we have a tendency to can’t get it on, and if we have a tendency to haven’t learnt any exercises we have a

tendency to can’t get it on. enjoying music is play drums additionally sort of a fun reward for fixing the time with the primary 2.
Brought to you by drum teacher learning drums, music store

Copyright Rockyhouse Media PTY LTD. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. No replica or Distribution.
By Jack Bennett – Icanplaydrums.com
DVD three – FOOT

TECHNIQUE playing surface 
Copyright Rockyhouse Media PTY LTD. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. No replica or Distribution.
Heel Up

There ar a pair of main drum sheet music ways in which to play the pedals, heel up and heel

down. initial position the ball of your foot on the

gran casa pedal 2/3rds of the far the foot plate.

Don’t place your foot all the far to the chain, floor tom because the form of the pedal could indicate, ride cymbal as play the drums you don’t get the experienced drummers  foremost drum rudiments effective use of the board if it’s too way

If you’re enjoying heel up

you usually raise the heel off the foot plate 2-3 cms. ensure the ball of the foot doesn’t leave the pedal tho'. With the heel raised you get additional leverage and may

sometimes play louder and quicker with heel up technique.
Heel Down
To play heel down, merely don’t let the heel off the

foot plate. With the foot for good on the foot plate you’re not victimisation

the leg and articulatio playing drums talocruralis such a lot, however rather the muscles on the skin of the tibia to push the beater towards the drum head learning to play.
Heel Down could be a nice technique to use if you don’t need to bury the beater into the read sheet music top. easy playing songs  drum songs If you would like a extended, practice pad sustained play the french grip playing surface drums sound from the gran casa, you would like to let the play drums

beater rebound off the skin, even as you'd let a stick rebound from the other drum. this can be terribly simple to try to to with heel down. Since the sustained sound is extremely well-liked in jazz, plenty of jazz

drummers play heel down.
Controlling Speeds
With hand technique you

utilize a much bigger muscle cluster to manage and stabilize the stroke, drum rudiments just like the arm. As you get quicker drum equipment , crash cymbal you professional drummer exchange

to a smaller muscle cluster, the wrist/forearm to play medium tempos. left hand And to play quick you exchange to victimisation additional fingers. practice pad 
The same principle drum sheet music applies to foot technique. If you’re enjoying slower, use additional leg within

the stroke, which means pivot at the hip additiona

l. If you’re enjoying play the drums quicker, use additional articulatio talocruralis.
Controlling Dynamics
As with stick technique, to play softer play the beater from nearer to the top. drum beats, drum sheet music, traditional grip

To play louder let the beater return any back and place good drum teacher  additional drum rudiments effort into the stroke.
Hihat Chicks learning to play
There ar variety of various sounds we are able to get from the hihats. the french grip foremost common is jazz bands that drum beats

the hihat chick. There ar a few of how to play this. a method is to play heel up and let the pressure off playing drums the foot plate slightly and so shut the hihats once more. The hihat

ought to return open around one cm. the ball of the foot shouldn’t really return off the foot drum beats plate tho'.
Another way is to play it heel down. As before, let the ball of the foot return up 1cm and so shut it once more. though it

appears like a similar

technique, it feels perceptibly totally practice sessions different after you play left hand a hihat chick along with traditional grip your heel down. It works best at softer volumes and slower tempos. musical instrument
Copyright Rockyhouse Media PTY LTD. All Rights drum beats Reserved Worldwide. No replica or Distribution.
Hihat Splashes
To splash the hihats assume heel down position. Quickly let the hihats up then faucet

the highest hihat into rock bottom hihat and let it return up once more. It ought to turn out an extended sustained

splash sound, notably from the highest hihat. play the drums, play songs

to prevent the sound of the splash, sim playing drums, drum beats, drum fills, play songs. drum score, musical instrument learning to play