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Vater is a US-based drumstick manufacturer founded in 1956 by Jack Adams and Ron Vater. The company began as a drum shop and repair service in Boston, Massachusetts, before expanding to manufacturing drumsticks. Vater is known for producing high-quality sticks with a variety of sizes and shapes to fit the needs of drummers of all genres and playing styles.

Company Background

Vater has been manufacturing drumsticks for over 60 years and has become a well-known brand among drummers worldwide. The company is dedicated to using only the finest quality materials and manufacturing processes to create drumsticks that are durable, comfortable, and produce the right sound for each individual drummer.

In addition to drumsticks, Vater also produces a range of percussion accessories, including brushes, mallets, and rods. The company's products are used by many top drummers, including Stewart Copeland, Josh Dun, and Dave Grohl.


Vater's factory is located in Holbrook, Massachusetts, where the company produces all of its drumsticks and percussion accessories. The factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and employs skilled craftsmen who carefully inspect each stick to ensure it meets Vater's high standards for quality and performance.

Top 5 Models of Sticks, Brushes, Rods, etc.

  1. Vater 5A - The 5A model is one of the most popular drumsticks in the world and is a great all-around stick for any style of music. It is made from hickory, which is a dense, durable wood that produces a warm, full sound. The Vater 5A is available in both wood and nylon tip versions and sells for around $9.99.

  2. Vater Power 5A - The Power 5A model is similar to the standard 5A but with a slightly thicker shaft and larger tip for added power and projection. It is a great stick for rock and metal drumming and is also made from hickory. The Vater Power 5A sells for around $10.99.

  3. Vater Manhattan 7A - The Manhattan 7A model is a unique stick with a smaller, jazz-style grip and longer taper for increased sensitivity and control. It is made from sugar maple, which is a lightweight wood that produces a bright, articulate sound. The Vater Manhattan 7A sells for around $10.99.

  4. Vater Sugar Maple Drumsticks - These drumsticks are made from 100% sugar maple, which is a lightweight wood that produces a bright, articulate sound. The Sugar Maple model is available in a range of sizes and is a popular choice for jazz and orchestral drummers. The Vater Sugar Maple Drumsticks sell for around $11.99.

  5. Vater Splashstick - The Splashstick is a unique percussion accessory that is designed to produce a softer, more subtle sound than traditional drumsticks. It is made from bamboo dowels and features a comfortable grip for easy playability. The Vater Splashstick sells for around $19.99.

Amazon Purchase Links

If you are interested in purchasing Vater drumsticks and percussion accessories, you can check out the following Amazon links:

Vater 5A:

Vater Power 5A:

Vater Manhattan 7A:

Vater Sugar Maple Drumsticks:

Vater Splashstick:

In addition to these models, Vater also produces a wide range of specialty sticks, including drumsticks with grip tape, specialty mallets for percussion instruments, and sticks with a built-in brush. Vater's range of products is designed to meet the needs of drummers of all styles and playing preferences.


Vater is a highly respected drumstick manufacturer that has been producing high-quality sticks and percussion accessories for over 60 years. The company's commitment to using only the finest quality materials and manufacturing processes ensures that each Vater product is durable, comfortable, and produces the right sound for each individual drummer.

The Vater 5A, Power 5A, Manhattan 7A, Sugar Maple Drumsticks, and Splashstick are just a few examples of the top-quality products that Vater produces. Each stick is designed with specific playing styles and genres in mind, ensuring that drummers can find the right stick for their needs.

If you are in the market for new drumsticks or percussion accessories, Vater is definitely a brand worth considering. With its long history of producing top-quality products, Vater is a name that drummers worldwide trust and rely on for their drumming needs.

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