Tricky Triplet Fill In 6 & 9 - Part 2

drum lessons Jun 24, 2023

Here we are with part 2!
This time round we are leading everything with the left hand. It's super important to learn all your patterns with both a RH and LH so that you have double the options when you're playing.

Remember the counting is exactly the same as in the first video. The fill is 2 bars long. Bar 1 is entirely 16th triplets which are 6 notes per beat, and bar 2 is 9 notes per beat - shall we call them "9-lets" ? And like we did last time, a good way to practice it, is to play 2 bars of time, then the 2 bar fill - giving you a nice rounded 4 bar phrase.

Remember to go slow to begin with, and you can start with the LH just playing the outline of the pattern in its own.


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