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Remo is a well-known and respected brand in the world of drumheads. They have been manufacturing high-quality drumheads for over 60 years, and their products are used by drummers all around the world. Remo offers a wide variety of drumheads to suit the needs and preferences of drummers of all levels and styles.

One of Remo's most popular series of drumheads is the Ambassador series. These drumheads are made with a single layer of 10-mil Mylar film, making them thinner and more responsive than other drumheads. The Ambassador series is available in both clear and coated variations, with coated being the most popular among drummers. The Ambassador coated snare drumhead is a popular choice for drummers looking for a versatile head that can be used for a wide range of playing styles.

The Emperor series is another popular series of drumheads from Remo. These heads are made with two layers of 7-mil film, making them thicker than the Ambassador series, and have a warmer, more focused tone. The Emperor series is available in clear, coated, and suede variations, with coated being the most popular among drummers. The Emperor coated snare drumhead is a popular choice for rock drummers looking for a durable and versatile head.

The Powerstroke series is Remo's line of drumheads designed specifically for kick drums. These heads are available in both clear and coated variations and are made with a single or double layer of Mylar film, depending on the model. The Powerstroke 3 is one of the most popular bass drumheads on the market and is known for its deep, punchy sound.

Remo also offers a range of specialty drumheads, such as the Black Suede drumheads, which have a unique matte black finish and a warm, punchy tone. The Vintage A drumheads are another popular choice among drummers looking for a classic sound and feel. These heads are made with a single layer of 10-mil Mylar film and feature a reissue of the classic Remo logo.

In addition to the various types of drumheads, Remo also offers a range of sizes to fit drums of different diameters. Most drumheads come in sizes ranging from 8 inches to 24 inches, with some larger sizes available for bass drums. It's important to choose the right size drumhead for your drum to ensure proper tension and tone.

Remo also offers a range of accessories to help drummers get the most out of their drumheads. The Remo Muffling System is a popular choice for controlling the amount of overtones and sustain in your drum sound. The system includes a variety of dampening rings and pads that can be placed on the drumhead to adjust the sound to your liking.

When it comes to prices, Remo drumheads are competitively priced and are available at a range of price points depending on the model and size. For example, a Remo Ambassador coated snare drumhead in the 14-inch size can be found on Amazon for around $16. A Remo Powerstroke 3 bass drumhead in the 22-inch size can be found for around $45.

Here are some Amazon links to purchase Remo drumheads:

Apart from drumheads, Remo also offers a variety of percussion instruments, including hand drums, drum sets, and various percussion accessories. They also produce specialized drumheads for marching bands, pipe bands, and world percussion instruments. Remo's signature product, the Remo Djembe, is a popular hand drum made from an Acousticon shell, a synthetic material that offers consistent sound quality and durability. The drumheads for the Remo Djembe are made from either Fiberskyn or Nuskyn, materials that simulate the sound and feel of traditional animal skins.


In addition to drumheads and hand drums, Remo also produces drum sets that are aimed at beginner to intermediate drummers. The Remo percussion plus drum set is a five-piece set that includes a bass drum, snare drum, tom-toms, and a cymbal. This set is designed for beginners and offers a cost-effective way to get started playing the drums. For intermediate drummers, Remo offers the Remo Rhythm Club drum set, which includes high-quality components and offers a more versatile sound.


Remo also produces a variety of percussion accessories, including drumsticks, mallets, and drum thrones. The Remo Practice Pad is a popular accessory that allows drummers to practice without making too much noise. It is made from a durable material and simulates the feel of a real drumhead. Other accessories include bass drum pedals, drum tuning keys, and drum dampening systems.

When it comes to pricing, Remo offers drumheads and percussion instruments at a wide range of price points, depending on the product and level of quality. Remo's entry-level drumheads typically cost around $10 to $20, while high-end drumheads can cost upwards of $100. The Remo percussion plus drum set typically costs around $300, while the Remo Rhythm Club drum set is priced at around $600. Accessories like drumsticks and mallets are priced at around $10 to $20, while higher-end products like drum thrones and bass drum pedals can cost over $100.

For those interested in purchasing Remo products, Amazon offers a wide selection of drumheads, hand drums, drum sets, and accessories at competitive prices. Here are some links to popular Remo products available on Amazon:

  1. Remo Ambassador Coated Drumhead -
  2. Remo Fiberskyn 3 Frame Drumhead -
  3. Remo Rhythm Club Floor Tom Drum -
  4. Remo Practice Pad -
  5. Remo Muff'l Ring Control -

In conclusion, Remo is a well-respected and established brand in the world of drumming, known for producing high-quality drumheads and percussion instruments for both professionals and beginners. With a wide range of products at varying price points, Remo has something to offer for drummers of all skill levels and genres. Whether you're a jazz drummer, rock drummer, or percussionist, Remo's products are worth considering for your drumming needs.

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