Unlock Your Full Potential: Achieve Blazing Speed and Control on the Drumkit with Our Ultimate Workout Course!


38 video lessons inside 2 modules, plus PDF's.


As a drummer, speed is essential to creating exciting and dynamic performances. However, many drummers overlook the importance of good technique and control when trying to increase their speed. This often leads to sloppy playing, fatigue, and even injury.

Ultimate Speed and Control Workout course is designed to help drummers develop both speed and control through a series of targeted exercises and techniques. We understand that simply increasing your speed without improving your control is counterproductive and can lead to a host of problems down the line. That's why our course places equal emphasis on developing both speed and control, so you can achieve the perfect balance between the two.

Through a combination of instructional AND follow-along workout videos, plus detailed PDF's, this course will teach you everything you need to know to take your drumming to the next level, whether you're a beginner looking to improve your basic skills or an experienced drummer wanting to add more speed and finesse.

Is this you?

  • Frustrated by your lack of progress on the drumkit, despite hours of practice?
  • Struggling to play fast and accurately due to poor technique and control?
  • Tired of feeling held back by your current skill level, and ready to take your drumming to the next level?"
  • THEN DON'T STRESS! We have you covered with a logical and well thought through course, that is money-back guarateed to get you real, tangible results!

Jack Bennett

Jack has been teaching drums online since 2005 (before youtube & socials)

Jack is a first call freelance drummer from Australia, and brings a wealth of real world drumming experience to his teaching:

  • Jack was asked to join Cirque du Soleil in Berlin in 2020
  • Jack has 3 solos on the VCE syllabus & 6 on the ANZCA syllabus in Australia
  • National tours with shows Grease, Hair, La Cage Aux Folles, Moonshadows, Shout!, Bjorn Again and heaps more.

Jack is extremely passionate about helping people from ALL drumming backgrounds, find their path and improve their drumming skills.

What's Included In Ultimate Speed & Control Workout...


Explanation Videos

  • Clear and concise instruction videos that break down fundamental techniques for developing speed and control on the drum kit.
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to build strength and endurance through exercises designed to help you develop the link between control plus speed.
  • A comprehensive breakdown of the different types of drum strokes, including single stroke, double stroke, paradiddle, and bass drum figures used in the exercises.

Workout Videos

  • High-energy follow along workout videos that help you put into practice the techniques and skills you learned in the instruction videos.
  • A variety of drumming exercises and patterns designed to challenge your speed and coordination, and help you build your stamina and endurance as a drummer.
  • Gradually increasing difficulty levels in the workout videos to help you progress at your own pace, from beginner to advanced drummers, and continually challenge your skills and abilities.

In A Few Months You Could Be...

  • ..playing faster and more accurately, with greater control over your drumming technique.
  • ..performing more complex drumming patterns and fills with ease, impressing your bandmates and audience with your skills and musicianship.
  • ..playing with improved speed, control, and precision, taking on more challenging and exciting drumming gigs, from studio recordings to live performances
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Speed & Control Workout

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