Upscale your ideas with "Rhythmic Illusions"!
You will learn Advanced Linear Drumming, Beat Displacements, Metric Modulations and Polyrhythmic Explorations. Fuel Your Passion and Transform Your Drumming Skills!


30 video lessons inside  5 modules, plus PDF's & backing tracks.


Get ready to transform your drumming skills with our Funk and Illusion Drumming Course. This immersive journey explores the heart of funk, linear drumming, and sonic illusions that will captivate any audience.

We go beyond teaching beats, we invite you to bend and make them your own. Complex concepts like beat displacement and metric modulation will become second nature as you dive into our engaging and accessible modules.

Drumming isn't just about precision—it's about your unique rhythm. We unravel polyrhythmic beats, equipping you to layer rhythms and create a rich, intriguing sound.

Is this you?

  • Looking to amplify rhythmic skills? Our course dives into dynamic and complex beats, transforming drumming experience.

  • Confused by advanced drumming concepts? We simplify complex topics like beat displacements and metric modulations.

  • Eager for more creative drumming? Discover rhythmic illusions to create mesmerizing patterns and captivate audiences.


Jack Bennett

Jack has been teaching drums online since 2005 (before youtube & social media)

Jack is a first call freelance drummer from Australia, and brings a wealth of real world drumming experience to his teaching:

  • asked to join Cirque du Soleil's "NYSA" in Berlin in 2020
  • has 3 solos on the VCE syllabus & 6 on the ANZCA syllabus in Australia
  • National tours with shows Grease, Hair, La Cage Aux Folles, Moonshadows, Shout!, Bjorn Again and heaps more.

Jack is extremely passionate about helping people from ALL drumming backgrounds, find their path and improve their drumming skills.

MODULE 1: Funk Styles

In this module:

* Popular Funk styles from the 60's and 70's taught with different feels for each (both straight and swung).

* 2 BAR SPLIT BEATS: popular James Brown style beats from songs like Mother Popcorn and Cold Sweat.

* SOUL STOMP BEATS: snare on all 4 beats of the bar to create a driving feel, found on tunes like Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison) and Treat Her Right (Commitments Soundtrack).

* GOSPEL DOUBLE TIME: beats that work equally well on fast praise music or country styles.

* DISCO: how to play "4 on the floor" disco/dance beats with either a straight or swung 16th feel.

* SWUNG 16th GROOVES - how to swing any 16th pattern for styles like RnB, Hip Hop, New Jack Swing etc.

* 32nd NOTE BEATS: learn the complex art of adding ghost notes into half time beats.

* ODD ACCENT BEATS: not all funk styles are backbeat oriented. These grooves take inspiration from highly syncopated grooves form tunes like Tower Of Power's "Soul Vaccination". 

MODULE 2: Linear Drumming

In this module:

* Linear introduction and Unit 1 beats

* Linear Unit 1 & 2 combined beats

* 16th note linear beats

* Basic triplet linear beats

* Intermediate triplet linear beats

* Advanced triplet linear beats

* How to swing any linear beat

MODULE 3: Beat Displacements

In this module:

* Beat Displacements introduction and when and how to use them.

* Displacing forward or backward by 1 quarter note.

* Displacing forward or backward by 1 8th note.

* Displacing forward or backward by 1 16th note.

MODULE 4: Metric Modulations

In this module:

* Introduction and how implying one time signature over another, sounds like you're changing subdivisions (when you're not!).

* 8th note beats to Triplet beats

* Triplet beats to 8th note beats

* Triplet beats to 16th note beats

* 16th beats to Triplet beats

MODULE 5: Polyrhythms

In this module:

* Introduction to working out and how to count the 2 different rhythms we get when we try to combine 2 numbers of beats against each other.

* 2 over 3 beats

* 3 over 2 beats

* 3 over 4 beats

* 4 over 3 beats

* 2 over 5 beats

* 2 over 7 beats

* 3 over 5 beats

* 4 over 5 beats

* 3 over 7 beats

This can be you:

  • Wield an amplification of rhythmic skills through exploration of complex beats.
  • Grasp advanced drumming techniques, making sophisticated rhythms sound accessible.
  • Introduce mesmerizing rhythmic illusions into your solos, making them more interesting and exciting.
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