Learn Some Exciting Grooves Designed For A Mini Kit - Perfect For Those Small Gigs Like Bars, Clubs & Weddings!

When you're asked to downsize your kit on a gig, can you still play?


25 video lessons inside 6 modules, plus PDF's.

Do you rely too heavily on having a big setup?

Develop A Vocab Of Grooves & Think Creatively On A Smaller Kit!

Euro Tour Drum Lessons will teach you:

  • How to think & play creatively and dynamically on a small kit - just kick, snare and hats
  • Learn grooves in multiple genres including displaced funk, reggae, half time, snare world beats and more
  • Load in and out of a gig in one trip - living the dream! :)

Take the plunge and expand your beat vocab with exciting new options today.

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In The Next 6 Months, You Could be…

  • Playing in local venues with a large vocab of grooves that don't require a massive drumkit
  • Confident coming up with your own beats, fills & solos based on intelligent creativity
  • Confidently playing in new genres you hadn't explored earlier

Jack Bennett


Jack has been teaching drums online since 2005 (before youtube & socials)

Jack is a first call freelance drummer from Australia, and brings a wealth of real world drumming experience to his teaching:

  • Jack was asked to join Cirque du Soleil in Berlin in 2020
  • Jack has 3 solos on the VCE syllabus & 6 on the ANZCA syllabus in Australia
  • National tours with shows Grease, Hair, La Cage Aux Folles, Moonshadows, Shout!, Bjorn Again and heaps more.

Jack is extremely passionate about helping people from ALL drumming backgrounds, find their path and improve their drumming skills.

What's Included In Euro Tour Drum Lessons...


Funk Groove - Paris, France

Paradiddle funk groove very much in the style of Steve Gadd:

  • Perfect for 70's Funk tunes or 90's Acid Jazz
  • 2 sound level concept; rimshots on snare plus ghost notes
  • Add 5 and 7 stroke rolls at the end as 32nd notes double stroke rolls

16th Snare Groove - Positano & Sorrento, Italy

With an underlying 4 on the floor feel on bass drum, this groove uses accents within 16ths and 32nd notes:

  • 7 stroke 32nd note roll to begin, with accented 16th pattern to follow
  • 2 sound level concept, accents as rimshots on snare, non accents as ghost notes
  • Add flam strokes on the accents for variation, including the famous Blushda fill

Odd Accent Groove - Ruta, Italy

Odd accent funk groove very much in the style of David Garibaldi:

  • Interesting use of 5 stroke 32nd note hihat rolls to start the groove
  • Unusual placement of syncopated hihat glisses throughout
  • Variations that include flams, and extra 5 stroke 32nd note rolls

One Drop Beat - Rhine River, Germany

Jamaican Reggae style groove using 16th notes and 32nd notes:

  • Interesting use of 5 stroke 32nd note hihat rolls to start the groove
  • Unusual placement of syncopated hihat glisses throughout
  • Variations that include flams, and extra 5 stroke 32nd note rolls

Shuffle Groove - random windmill, Holland

Triplet style shuffle beat great for Blues and other shuffle time feels:

  • Unique single stroke approach to playing the shuffle, for more of a syncopated or polyrhythmic feel
  • The importance of dynamic contrast and light and shade when playing grooves like this that are busy
  • Polyrhythmic variation that sounds almost like an implied metric modulation

Triple Stroke Beat - St Wolfgang, Austria

Half time 16th feel, using the triple stroke on the hihats:

  • Detailed explanation on how to make any halftime groove, feel right
  • How to use the triple stroke in either hand - RH on the hihats, or LH on the snare, within a half time groove
  • How to play unusual accents on the 4th 16th, straight after the triple stroke, for contrast

This Course Is For You If...

  • You freak out on a small kit and rely too heavily on having a large setup
  • You'd like to learn a variety of grooves in different genres, without diving too deep
  • You want a few laughs, like the time in Austria where we nearly capsized!
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Euro Tour Drum Lessons

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