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Basics & Reading

Drums & Pedals Setup Tuning Your Toms Drumstick Choice
Jack's Gear Setup How To Control Dynamics Different Stick Sounds
How To Hold Your Sticks How To Control Speeds Sleishman Pro Series Drums
Counting Quarter Notes Classical Technique Vs Drumkit Technique? Crescendo & Decrescendo
Counting 8th Notes Drum Notation & Basic Theory Triplets & Flams Chop Builder
Counting 16th Notes Writing Cheat Sheets Fast Triplet Drum Fills
Counting Triplets Reading Drum Charts  

Rock Drumming

Quarter Note Rock Beats Linear Beats 1 Grooving On 2 Snares
8th Note Rock Beats Linear Beats 2 7/4 Beats
Busier Rock Beats The Funky Cowbell Beat 7 Stroke Roll Hihat Grooves
Bass Doubles In Beats Paradiddles In Beats Half Time Shuffle
Rock Shuffle Tasty Linear Drum Rhythms Fast Bass Drums
Hihat Gliss Adding The Left Hand Hihat Ghost Notes 1
Cross Sticking Expanding Drum Beats 1 Ghost Notes 2
Cymbal Choking Expanding Drum Beats 2  

Drum Fills