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FEATURED VIDEO: Bass Drumming Solution - Part 1  

  How To Set Up Your Drums & Pedals Tuning Your Toms Drumstick Choice  
  Jack's Gear Setup How To Control Dynamics Different Stick Sounds  
  How To Hold Your Sticks How To Control Speeds Sleishman Omega Drums  
  Worldwide Drummer Search 2012 Classical Technique VS Drumkit Technique Crescendo & Decrescendo  
  Counting Quarter Notes Drum Notation & Basic Theory Triplets & Flams Chop Builder  
  Counting 8th Notes Writing Cheat Sheets Fast Triplet Drum Fills  
  Counting 16th Notes Reading Drum Charts    
  Counting Triplets      

  Quarter Note Rock Beats Linear Beats 1 7/4 Beats  
  8th Note Rock Beats Linear Beats 2 7 Stroke Roll Hihat Grooves  
  Busier Rock Beats The Funky Cowbell Beat Half Time Shuffle  
  Bass Doubles In Beats Paradiddles In Beats Fast Bass Drums  
  Rock Shuffle Tasty Linear Drum Rhythms Expanding Drum Beats 1  
  Hihat Gliss Adding The Left Hand Hihat Ghost Notes 1  
  Cross Sticking Expanding Drum Beats 2 Ghost Notes 2  
  Cymbal Choking Grooving On 2 Snares    
  Re-orchestrating Drum Fills The Herta The X Fill  
  Random Outdoor Drum Solo The Herta Part 2 The Octopus  
  The Blushda Advanced Fills In 5 + 7 Fast 6's  
  The Blushda Part 2 Wicked Triplet Fills - Part 1 Extremely Fast 1 Hand Drum Fill  
  Groovy Triplet Stickings Wicked Triplet Fills - Part 2 Wicked 16th Fills - Part 1  
  The Left Flam Triplet Wicked Triplet Fills - Part 3 Wicked 16th Fills - Part 2  

  The Jazz Ride Beat  Beginner Jazz Fills  The Jazz 9 Fill   
  The Jazz Shuffle  Snare Independence Cross Phrasing In 5's   
  The Viennese Waltz Snare And Bass Independence Loose Jazz Phrasing  
  Hihat Splashing And Kicking Fast Jazz Brush Stroke Hihat Stirring  

  The Son Clave Songo  Imitating Timbales  
  The Rhumba Clave Reggae Cuban Percussion Instruments  
  Basic Samba  Snare Samba Part 1 Brazilian Percussion Instruments  
  Expanding Latin Beats Snare Samba Part 2 African - Bikutsi  

These lessons click straight through to the Youtube videos.

  Linear Drum Beat Examples Independence 3 + 5 Flams Into Rolls  
  Metric Modulation Triplets To 16ths 6 Stroke Roll Fill Advanced Flam Fills  
  Double Flam Combinations Rolls Of 7 Around The Kit Fast Single Stroke Drum Fills  
  Fast Bass Drum Fills Flam Fills From The Mansion! Rudiments From The Side Of A Cliff!  
  Developing Fills Using Permutations Fast 32nd Note Parradiddles Fast 32nd Note Paradiddle-diddles  

  Snare Solos Introduction Intermediate Snare Solo  Advanced Snare Solo   
  Beginner Snare Solo Intermediate Snare Solo + Feet 1 Advanced Snare Solo + Feet 1   
  Beginner Snare Solo + Feet 1  Intermediate Snare Solo + Feet 2  Advanced Snare Solo + Feet 2   
  Beginner Snare Solo + Feet 2 Intermediate Snare Solo + Feet 3 Advanced Snare Solo + Feet 3   
  Beginner Snare Solo + Feet 3 Clean Up Your Rolls - Part 1 Clean Up Your Drum Rolls - Part 2  
      Clean Up Your Drum Rolls - Part 3  


  Beginner Solo 1 - Coming Soon! Intermediate Solo 1 - "Roll Call" Advanced Solo 1 - "Gadd's Creatures"  
  Beginner Solo 2 - Coming Soon! Intermediate Solo 2 - "The Tribe" Advanced Solo 2 - "Fire Cracker"  
  Beginner Solo 3 - Coming Soon! Intermediate Solo 3 - "Gerald's Tomato Can" Advanced Solo 3 - "Afro Mallets"  
  Beginner Solo 4 - Coming Soon! Intermediate Solo 4 - "Capsized" Advanced Solo 4 - "Sticky Pocket"  
  Beginner Solo 5 - Coming Soon! Intermediate Solo 5 - "Sunday Strut" Advanced Solo 5 - "Kinda Like Jazz"  
    Blistering Drum Solo Jack Bennett - Open Drum Solo  

  These lessons click straight through to the Youtube video. Here is a chart of the 40 PAS rudiments.  
  Single Stroke Roll Single Paradiddle Inverted Flam Tap   
  Single Stroke 4 Double Paradiddle  Flam Drag  
  Single Stroke 7 Triple Paradiddle  The Single Drag  
  Multiple Bounce Roll Paradiddle-diddle  Single Drag Tap  
  Triple Stroke Roll Single Flam   Double Drag Tap   
  Double Stroke Roll Flam Accent  Lesson 25   
  5 Stroke Roll Flam Tap  Single Dragadiddle   
  6 Stroke Roll Flamacue  Drag Paradiddle 1   
  7 Stroke Roll Flam Paradiddle  Drag Paradiddle 2   
  9 Stroke Roll  Flammed Mill Single Ratamacue   
  10 Stroke Roll  Flam Paradiddle-diddle  Double Ratamacue   
  13 Stroke Roll  Pataflafla  Triple Ratamacue   
  15 Stroke Roll  Swiss Army Triplet    
  17 Stroke Roll    

  Introduction To Pedal Technique Hihat Stirring & Sizzling 32nd Note Double Bass Beat  
  Heel Up Vs Heel Down Hihat Splashing & Kicking 32nd Note Triplet Double Bass  
Hihat Chicks Beginner Double Bass Beats Independence Beats
  Bass Drumming Solution - Part 1      

  Building A Home Recording Studio Protecting Your Drums Drummers Bits Box  
  Open Vs Close Micing Setting Up A PA System    
  Mics For Drums Drummers Stick Bag    

  Linear Beats 1 Time In Time - Artificial Rhythms  Expanding Rhythms - Swung  
  Linear Beats 2 Layered Beats 2 Expanding Rhythms - Straight  
Swinging A Linear Beat Metric Modulations Meter Shifting Using 7's
Layered Beats 1 Parallel Time Signatures Awesome Independence Exercise

  Injury Prevention For Drummers Jack's Magic Juice  
  Avoiding Thoracic Kyphosis How Carbs & Insulin Works    


  The Conga Bass Tone Salsa Groove! Salsa Montuno On Xylophone  
  The Conga Open Tone Congas In 5/4 Courante - J. S. Bach  
  The Conga Slap Shaker Technique Clave Technique  
  The "Marcha" Conga Pattern Basic Guiro Pattern Basic Surdo Pattern  

We do not own copyright over any of the songs in these videos. These videos are provided in addition to the 250 free lessons.

  The Versatile Drummer Part 1 Overture - Grade 8 Trinity Jack's "Rock Of Ages" Audition  
  The Versatile Drummer Part 2 The Jetsons - Vinnie Colaiuta    

  1bartime-1barfill-70.mp3   afrocuban-fast.mp3  
  1bartime-1barfill-90.mp3   afrocuban-slow.mp3  
  1bartime-1barfill-110.mp3   plusdrums4over5-70.mp3  
  4over5-70.mp3   plusdrums4over5-90.mp3  
  4over5-90.mp3   plusdrums4over5-110.mp3  
  4over5-110.mp3   plusdrumsLinear16thBeats-60.mp3  
  8ths-60.mp3   plusdrumsLinear16thBeats-80.mp3  
  8ths-80.mp3   plusdrumsLinear16thBeats-100.mp3  
  8ths-100.mp3   plusdrumsSplitBeats-80.mp3  
  12bar-60.mp3   plusdrumsSplitBeats-104.mp3  
  12bar-80.mp3   plusdrumsSplitBeats-130.mp3  
  12bar-100.mp3   trk+drms-MATRIX3-fast.mp3  
  12bar-120.mp3   trk+drms-MATRIX3-med.mp3  
  12bar-140.mp3   trk+drms-MATRIX3-slow.mp3  
  AdvMatrixStraight-60.mp3   trk+drums-8th rock 60.mp3  
  AdvMatrixStraight-80.mp3   trk+drums-8th rock 80.mp3  
  AdvMatrixStraight-100.mp3   trk+drums-8th rock 100.mp3  
  AfroCuban_80bpm.mp3   trk+drums-shuffle 60.mp3  
  AfroCuban_110bpm.mp3   trk+drums-shuffle 80.mp3  
  AfroCuban_140bpm.mp3   trk+drums-shuffle 100.mp3  
  blues shuffle 80.mp3      
  blues shuffle 100.mp3      

  These lessons click straight through to the Youtube videos.
Please note: many of these lessons are not HD as they were filmed many years ago!
  Feb 2008 - Double Time Gospel Beats Feb 2010 - Cool Little Jazz Lick
  Feb 2008 - Beginner Linear Beats March 2010 - 9 Gospel Lick
  March 2008 - Metric Modulations June 2010 - Afro Cuban Funk Beat
  March 2008 - Quick Sample - Basic Polyrhythm Beat June 2010 - Funky 3's In Drum Beats
  June 1 2008 - 32nd Notes Paradiddle Beats May 2010 - 4 Over 3 Polyrhythm
  2009 - Rock Drum Fill Using 5's August 2010 - Mozambique
  Jan 2009 - Moeller Technique In Beats March 2011 - Jazz 5's
  October 2009 - Chop Builders August 2011 - Overture Grade 8
  December 2009 - Drum Solos July 2011 - Brush Accents
  December 2009 - Cuban Percussion Instruments 2008 - Beat Displacement Sample
  2008 - Using Drags In Funk Beats 2009 - Introduction To Latin American Drumming
  2009 - The Motown Drum Fill 2009 - Drum Fill Permutation Concept
  2009 - Adapting Beats In Different Styles 2008 - Clockwise Drum Fill Using 7's
  2009 - Basic Quarter Note Rock Beats 2010 - Improvising Some Latin American Drum Beats
  2010 - Choppy Drum Fill Exercise! 2007 - Sparse Hihat Funk Beats
  2008 - Metric Modulations Sample - Triplets To 8ths 2007 - The Push Pull Technique In Funk Beats
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