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In this lesson we look at adding a small snare drum to the right of your kit, to play in addition to your regular snare. In this video I've added a 10x4 "popcorn" snare, which has a very high pitched sound, and a nice crack when you rimshot. Another type of "alternate snare" you could use would be a regular sized 14" snare, detuned, with a large amount of muffling (ie half a t-shirt taped on), to get that "doof" type snare sound.

In this video I am basically playing a James Brown type beat, but sped up a little bit. This is the beat I am playing at the start..

Where things get really interesting is when you start mixing both snares together. For instance you can play the original snare with your RH (coming off the hihats), on beat 1+, or 4+ (Below the notes on the middle line are the main snare played with RH)..

And you can completely re-orchestrate a linear beat, like the Funky Cowbell Beat..




Quarter Note Rock Beats Linear Beats 1 Grooving On 2 Snares
8th Note Rock Beats Linear Beats 2 7/4 Beats
Busier Rock Beats The Funky Cowbell Beat 7 Stroke Roll Hihat Grooves
Bass Doubles In Beats Paradiddles In Beats Half Time Shuffle
Rock Shuffle Tasty Linear Drum Rhythms Fast Bass Drums
Hihat Gliss Adding The Left Hand Hihat Ghost Notes 1
Cross Sticking Expanding Drum Beats 1 Ghost Notes 2
Cymbal Choking Expanding Drum Beats 2