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In this lesson we look at how to write out short hand "cheat sheets" to help get you through basic songs. If you can work out a system like this (feel free to use this one entirely), it will save you a lot of time having to commit songs to memory.  Obviously you can only use cheat sheets with music that is simple, ie pop music. If you're playing a style that is more sophisticated, or music that is "through composed" (where you have to play every note as written on the page), you need properly written music, or at the very least - real drum charts. Cheat sheets certainly have their place though.

You can see i've fit the entire song on half a page of paper. All the main grooves are there, and because its a simple rock song, nothing much changes in the groove other than the bass drum patterns between the verses, choruses and bridge. Yes, I'm too lazy to even write "bridge" correctly!


* when writing in short hand, don't write the note heads, this will take you all day. Just write the stems as the stems are what dictate the time value anyway.
* if the song starts without drums, then I always write PLAY the first time the drums enter the song
* each section is written as V for verse, CH for chorus, PRE for pre chorus, BRIJ for bridge, OUTRO for.... outro.
* the number of bars are written for each section, 8's and 16's are pretty common in most pop music

Have a look at the bridge section for a second. You can see it is 8 bars long, from the large 8 written in the bottom right corner. However there is a band hit I need to catch on beat 4+ of the 4th bar, so I write that in, and that is all.




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