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In this lesson we will look at the Left Flam Triplet, and a couple of variations. The Left Flam Triplet is one of those gems that seems to fit really easily around the drumkit and has lots of variations that you can expand your fill vocab with.

Here is the sticking for the Left Flam Triplet, it's a left flam as an accent, then a R, L both as softer notes. Make sure you're getting the dynamic difference between the flam and the 2nd and 3rd notes, don't play them all the same volume..

The first thing to do is to put the grace note of the flam on the toms or cymbal, keep all the other notes on the snare. When doing this, bring the volume of the grace note up to roughly the same volume as the snare accent. If you play the grace note too soft on the tom (like you normally would with a grace note), you simply won't hear it. We want to hear the tom as a feature of the phrase.

As always, practice playing a bar of time, then the fill, repeated..

We can also give this triplet pattern a dotted 8th reference, by playing it within 16th notes. That would look like this..



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