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THE HERTA - Part 2


In this lesson we will look at some more ways we can use the popular Herta rudiments around the kit. In the previous lesson we looked at playing one cycle of the Herta on a single drum before moving around the other drums, now we will look at splitting the Herta sticking across many drums at the same time.

Let's start by taking to first 2 fast notes (the 2 x 32nd note triplets), and play the RH on the floor tom and the LH on the first tom. That would look like this..

Another way you could do it would be to put the 2 x 32nd note triplets on a single drum, say the first tom, and keep the 16th notes on the snare. That would look like this..

And with either of the variations above, you don't necessarily have to start with the 32nd note triplets, you could shift the pattern across one 16th note, and start the 32nd note triplets on the 1e 16th note. That would be like this..



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