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In this lesson we will look at applying the popular Herta drum rudiment around the kit as a drum fill. In it's original context, the Herta is 2 x 32nd note triplets, followed by 2 x 8th note triplets, with an accent either on the first note, or the first 2 notes. Always use the single stroke sticking..

The first thing to do is get used to putting that counting around the kit in its triplet context. Play one unit on each drum moving clockwise. It's good to play a bar of time, then the fill, then back to time again etc, so pick a triplet oriented time feel like rock shuffle, half time shuffle or jazz swing, and do that.

Here's an example with a rock shuffle..

Where the Herta gets really interesting is when you start to use it within different subdivisions as a cross phrase. One of the most common is using it with a dotted 8th reference. Even though the Herta begins with 2 x 32nd note triplets, the entire phrase still falls within an even 3 counting. We can use this even 3 counting within regular 16th notes. Obviously 16th notes are 4 even counts per beat, so if we play a phrasing of 3 within 16ths, it's not going to land on the same part of every beat.

This is how the Herta now falls within 16th notes..

You can also play it stopping on beat 4, then repeating..

It's always a good idea when phrasing around the beat like this to keep the hihat chick going on the quarter note pulse. This will help give the listener (the audience, the rest of the band or even yourself) a reference for where the beat is. It will also help you develop some useful independence..

Once you're comfortable with this phrasing you will want to move it around the toms, like you did with the first example that used triplets. That would look like this..

And finally, play a bar of time, then fill, repeat etc..



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