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In this lesson we will look at the popular Blushda fill. The Blushda leads on from the Left Flam Triplet lesson, it is basically an extension of it. Check that lesson out first if you have not yet. To recap, this is the sticking of the Left Flam Triplet..

From here, to get to the Blushda, we must double up the middle triplet into 2 x 32nd note triplets, both played with the right hand..

Once again, as we did with the Left Flam Triplet, we can move the grace note of the flam around the drums, but keep all other notes on the snare..

The next thing to do is to put the Blushda in a 16th note context, giving it a dotted 8th reference. The entire cycle of the Blushda repeats after 3 even beats (whether that's triplets, 16ths etc), so obviously if we play this repetitive pattern of 3 within 16th notes (which are 4 per beat), it will land on a different part of each beat, every time it starts a new cycle..

Here is this phrasing written out with the accents below, to give you a clearer idea of how it fits across the bar..

You can also do some advanced variations of The Blushda, here are a couple in 2/4 time signature, that use a 7 and a 5 stroke roll. With this first exercise you play a 7 stroke roll after the Blushda, starting with the 6 double strokes, RRLLRRL <- the last one being the single stroke accent..

And the next one uses a 5 stroke sticking with 2 accents at the end..




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