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In this lesson we will look at how to swing a linear beat to get a funky cowbell beat. Linear beats sound great when they're played swung; they take on a funk shuffle, hip hop type of feel. Swinging a 16th linear beat is no different to swinging any 16th beat that isn't linear, the same concept applies.

Let's take this 16th linear beat..

If we simply delay the 2nd and 4th 16th notes in every beat, we get a swung feel. This however is a fairly crude way of explaining it. What you need to do is interpret the beats with a 32nd note triplet (sextuplet) feel. That is, 6 even notes inside each beat. Where the 16ths now fall, is as follows:

* all the downbeats (beats 1, 2, 3 and 4) all land in the same spot, as do in the in between 8th notes
* the "e" 16th now lands exactly as the 3rd sextuplet
* the "a" 16th now lands exactly as the 5th sextuplet

Make sure when you are applying this concept to the beats that you swing the bass drum notes as well, everything you play must swing, not just the hands.




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