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In this lesson we will look at a beginner snare drum solo. Snare solos are great for many reasons; they train your technique, teach you how to read music, how to hear phrasings and so on. This solo deals with basic rhythms such as quarter notes and 8th notes (crotchets and quavers).

In the rest of the lessons in this series you will find 12 solos total; 4 beginner, 4 intermediate and 4 advanced. The beginner solos deal mainly with single strokes, double strokes and paradiddles. The intermediate solos introduce all the flam strokes and a few drag strokes also. The advanced solos introduce all the rudimental double stroke rolls, such as the 5, 7 and 9 stroke.

Each solo is played 4 different ways. The first time it is played just on the snare as written. The 2nd time it is played with a quarter note pulse on the bass drum. The 3rd time it is played with a samba ostinato figure played between bass and hihat. The 4th way is played with a samba ostinato on just bass drum, with the hihat playing the heel/toe "splash chick" combination.

Why play snare solos with feet patterns underneath? So many reasons. Firstly it's one of the best independence exercises you can practice. You're forcing your hands and feet to work together at the same time, whilst at the same time developing a vocab of ideas you can use around the kit in different situation and styles.




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