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In this lesson we will look at positioning your feet for pedal technique. There are certainly some techniques for bass drum that will also work on the hihat pedal, but generally hihat pedal technique is different than bass drum technique. If you weren't already aware, drumming really keeps your hands (and legs) full!

Let's start by having a look at the placement of the foot on the bass drum pedal foot board. Generally you want to position the ball of your foot 2/3rds up the pedal. This will give you the best use of the spring in the pedal. Don't position your foot all the way up the pedal, the way the shape of the pedal might indicate. The hihat foot generally sits around the same, or slightly further up the foot plate than the bass pedal.

Your right leg should be at a slightly larger than 90 degree angle. If you are sitting too low, you may be at less than 90 degrees; this is not good as it puts a big straight on your knees. If the pedal feels sluggish, there are a few things you can do.

1) You can adjust the distance the beater is from the head with a drum key. Pulling it further back will give the feel of the pedal more spring.

2) You can tighten the actual spring on the side of the pedal. Make sure the nut at the bottom of the bass pedal doesn't gradually loosen to the point of falling off over time. This can happen if you use your pedal a lot. The last thing you want is the spring exploding in the middle of a gig.

3) If you play a pedal with interchangeable Cams, you can change Cams to a faster feeling Cam.




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