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In this lesson we will look at using some paradiddles in regular rock beats. Paradiddles really lend themselves to being played within funk and fusion grooves (among others), particularly if the 2 sound level concept is employed. The 2 sound level concept is where you play a large dynamic difference between the accents and non accents.

For accent play as either full strokes, half strokes or rimshots, depending on the volume you need to play at. For the non accents, play ghost notes with a stick height of no higher than 2cm. Do not play ghost notes as tap[ strokes, try to play them lower than that - 2cm.

For most people getting this light and shade to work will be a matter of getting the softer notes softer, rather than the louder notes louder. If there isn't a big dynamic difference here, the grooves (which are quite busy, with a lot of notes played), will sound monotonous and cluttered. There should be an even, weightless flow about the beats.

Let's start by playing a single paradiddle with the RH on the hihat and the LH on the snare drum..

Next lets define the pulse by playing the shoulder of the stick on the edge of the hihats on beats 1 and 3, and all other notes played tip of the stick on the top of the hihat. With snare drum, play beats 2 and 4 as a rimshot and all other notes as 2cm ghost notes..

From here lets turn it into a beat by playing beat 1 and 3 on the bass drum..

Next you can add in other syncopations on the bass drum, using 8ths and 16ths..



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