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In this lesson we look at the linear approach to playing the drums. Specifically we will be looking at linear drumming within beats. What linear means when applied to drumming, is that at no time do you ever play more than 1 drum on any given subdivision. This gives the beats a weightless feel and flow, and leaves lots of room to place interesting accents around the beat.

The beat we will play is this..

You can see there are many ghost notes being played on the snare drum, make sure these are super soft, drop them from 2cm above the drum. Make sure the backbeats are consistent and aim for either a half stroke, full stroke or rimshot, depending on the volume you need to play at. Play all hihat notes on the edge of the hihats with the shoulder of the stick.

What's really interesting about linear beats, is you can move the hands around to different voices within the drumkit. For instance you can move the right hand away from the hihat, and onto either the cowbell or woodblock, or perhaps the rim of another drum. This changes the sound of the groove entirely, and you can also change back and forth between these different sounds within the bar.



Quarter Note Rock Beats Linear Beats 1 Grooving On 2 Snares
8th Note Rock Beats Linear Beats 2 7/4 Beats
Busier Rock Beats The Funky Cowbell Beat 7 Stroke Roll Hihat Grooves
Bass Doubles In Beats Paradiddles In Beats Half Time Shuffle
Rock Shuffle Tasty Linear Drum Rhythms Fast Bass Drums
Hihat Gliss Adding The Left Hand Hihat Ghost Notes 1
Cross Sticking Expanding Drum Beats 1 Ghost Notes 2
Cymbal Choking Expanding Drum Beats 2