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In this lesson we look at the linear approach to playing the drums. Specifically we will be looking at linear drumming within beats. What linear means when applied to drumming, is that at no time do you ever play more than 1 drum on any given subdivision. This gives the beats a weightless feel and flow, and leaves lots of room to place interesting accents around the beat.

The beat we will learn in this lesson is a straight half time beat. Being a half time beat, the backbeat on snare drum only comes in half as often, half way through the bar on beat 3..

You should really aim for the 2nd sound level concept in this beat, that is playing the accent (beat 3 on snare) as a loud note, often as a rimshot, and all the other notes as ghost notes - 2cm soft notes. There are 3 things that make up a groove, consistent time, sound contrast and dynamic contrast. The dynamic contrast between the ghost notes and rimshots will really help add depth and light and shade to the groove.

With grooves like the above which are quite busy, if there isn't enough light and shade (usually its a case of the soft notes being too loud), then the beat sounds monotonous and cluttered. Check out the video for an example of how the beat is supposed to sound.



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