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In this lesson we look at layered beats for the first time. Layered beats are very difficult to play accurately, every subdivision needs to be perfect, and because you have so many voices landing at the same time there has to be no splitting or flamming between the notes. Also the patterns are very involved so there needs to be a large dynamic contrast between the soft and loud notes, and also sound contrast, to make the patterns groove.

Here is the beat we will look at in this lesson..

To start with you need to break down each voice and learn that first. We will start with the hihat part. You are playing beats 1, 2, 3 and 4 with the shoulder of the stick on the edge of the hihat, and the +a 16th notes with the tip of the stick on the top of the hihat. Make sure you are getting this sound contrast and not just hitting all the notes on the top or edge. The hihat part is this..

Next let's look at the snare drum part, which uses super soft ghost notes (drop stick from 2cm) with rimshots on beats 2 and 4..

When you put the hands together, make sure everything is landing exactly together with no splitting or flamming between parts..

Finally, we will add the bass drum underneath playing a samba pattern. The downbeat should be slightly louder than the proceeding 16th note..




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