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Drumming is a very physical event. Obviously it is also conceptual and emotional, but no matter what style of drumming you do your entire body is engaging in continuous movement.

It's important to be aware of what drumming movement actually is, and how after 1000's of repetitions (beats, fills etc) our posture can slowly get pulled out of alignment, if we are not careful.

For a right handed drummer, the majority of the actual movement pattern happens from the centre plane (playing a beat), then round to the right (playing a fill around the kit), then back again. Rarely does a right handed drummer move around to the left to the same degree, or as often.

Therefore after years of doing this, the following can happen..

- If our body is used to twisting from the centre to the right, then the following is occurring inside the body. The right oblique muscles are becoming stronger due to many repetitions of twisting the body to the right, whilst the left obliques are becoming very relaxed in order to let the body twist at all. Also this particular range of movement becomes quite flexible as it's something we do often.

THE DANGER - If you don't do strengthening exercises that twist your body in the exact opposite fashion - ie, to the left, then you can end up with a mild scoliosis in your back, which is basically where the spine has a sideways curve in it. Not a good thing!


the drumming body 



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