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In this lesson we will look at beats that can be built from specific independence exercises. The world of drumming independence is a vast one. There are 100's of great exercises out there that will improve your 4 way independence and interdependence. Whilst having a high level of independence is crucial for an accomplished drummer, if you only have a certain amount of time to put towards this one area of study, it's a good idea to practice exercises that could actually be used in a real musical situation.

One of the best things you can do to improve your independence is learn Latin American drumming. By nature, you're imitating the individual percussion parts from (usually) a Cuban or Brazilian percussion section. All 4 parts, with all 4 limbs - definitely very challenging. You can check out the Latin American lessons at the members page if that interests you.

In this lesson however, we will look at some patterns we can practice to form beats in the funk style.

Let's take the following pattern played between the snare and bass drum. We will ultimately turn this into a funk beat, then replace the bass notes with hihat chicks to get the same sounding beat with a completely different flavour.

Make sure you're using the R L L sticking written above the stave. Let's now take this pattern and move the RH onto the edge of the hihat for a thick accented stroke..

Already, we have the beginnings of what might sound like a beat. Let's now put every 2nd R on the snare drum to create a backbeat..

From here let's replace all the bass drum notes for hihat chicks. This will give us a new take on the same rhythm..

So here you can see, we have taken a pattern that started out as just a hand/foot combination pattern, and turned it into a beat type idea that you could actually play in a musical context. Practicing independence for independence sake is certainly a great pursuit if you have the time to dedicate to it. If you don't, you may want to practice patterns like this that you can quickly turn into beats.




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