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When setting up your drumkit, the main priority is to set all the components in a way that is easy to get to. You shouldn't have to lean or really stretch out in order to play any drum or cymbal. Drum setup is a very personal thing; every drummer sets up slightly differently. The following tips should give you some idea of what you're shooting for to get your kit setup right for you.

To start with, setup your bass drum (with pedal) and hihat, making sure both pedals are in a naturally straight position. Position your drum stool at a distance that gets your feet comfortably on the pedals without having to over stretch or cram up close. The angle of your leg should be slightly more than 90 degrees.

Next setup your snare on the snare stand. Make sure the top rim of the snare drum is a tiny bit higher than the top of your thigh. This will mean you can produce a rim shot when your hand is in the down position (almost touching your thigh). If the snare is too high you will hit only the rim, if the snare is too low you likely miss the snare altogether, instead having to lunge down to play it. You may also want to angle your snare on a slight angle towards you, to facilitate less of an angle transition when playing between toms and snare. If the snare is dead flat (like a concert snare drummer position) it can feel strange when playing the flat snare after playing the angled toms.

Next setup the toms on their stands, making sure they're at a height and angle that is easy to get to and transition between. The closer the toms are, the easier they are to get to. Make sure you're hitting the toms on a square angle. Hitting over rotated toms will cause a stabbing motion, leading to dinted drumheads. Hitting under rotated toms will lead to hitting the front rim instead of the drum skin.

Next setup the cymbal stands and cymbals. Once again, make sure all the cymbals are easy to get to, but not so close to your body that you have to cram your technique to be able to play them.


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