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In this lesson we will look at the hihat "chick" sound. There are a number of different sounds we can get from the hihats. The most common is the hihat chick. There are a couple of ways to play this. One way is to play heel up and let the pressure off the foot plate slightly and then close the hihats again. The hihat should come open around 1 cm. The ball of the foot shouldn’t actually come off the foot plate though.

Another way is to play it heel down. As before, let the ball of the foot come up 1cm and then close it again. Although it sounds like the same technique, it feels noticeably different when you play a hihat chick with your heel down. It works best at softer volumes and slower tempos.

Remember when you play either bass or hihat technique from heel down position. In order to raise the foot constantly, you're using a large percentage of shin muscle, as that is the muscle that needs to contract in order for the foot to raise. Because the shin muscle is so small and thin, many drummers prefer heel up technique. With heel up, you are now pivoting at the hip joint, which means you have all the strong muscles in the upper and lower leg to help do the work.




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