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In this lesson we look at how to choke a cymbal properly, and then how to use a cymbal choke within a beat. A cymbal choke is where you hit the cymbal, the cymbal explodes, and then straight away you catch it to stop the sound. It gives a very punchy accent effect with an extremely abrupt decay.

Here is the basic technique. Hit the edge of the crash or splash cymbal with the right stick, and catch with the left hand; put the last 3 fingers under the cymbal and the thumb and index finger on the top of the cymbal. You want as much of your fingers in contact with the cymbal as possible to cut out the vibrations as fast as possible.

You could also try just the thumb on top with the 4 fingers underneath, but the above technique seems to work best especially when you consider that when you actually use this technique, you will most likely still have the left stick still in your hand.

Here is what the technique looks like in stages.. 



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