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In this lesson we will look at a very interesting pattern of 5 we can play in a swing context, to give us a phrasing that falls around the beat and over the barline. If we take 2 beats of triplets (3 per beat), we have 6 notes total. If we play a repetitive pattern of 5 within triplets, the pattern is obviously going to repeat itself just before the 2 beats are finished. If we continue with the pattern further, we gradually loose a triplet each time. This is called phrasing around the beat, because we are not landing on the same part of each beat, every time the pattern starts again.

If we continue the pattern further still and play it across more than 4 beats, we are not only phrasing around the beat, but "over the barline" as well, as this cross phrase is now entering into the 2nd bar of 4/4 time.

Here is the pattern of 5 we will use..

Learn it as even quintuplets to start with. Don't worry about the subdivision so much as getting the sticking correct, and the spacing between each note dead even. Play all RH notes on the ride cymbal, all LH notes on the snare.

If we then play this pattern as triplets within 4/4 time you can begin to see how the phrasing falls. Notice that the pattern lands exactly on beat 2 of the 2nd bar (the 1st blue note of the 2nd bar below). This is the pattern resolving back to a downbeat, and notice that this occurred after exactly 5 beats.. and how many notes are in the pattern? 5! No coincidence that we have 5 and 5.

Whilst in this case the pattern lands on a downbeat after 5 beats, if we were to map out this phrasing further, the pattern would land on beat 1 of a bar after exactly 5 bars. Once again, no coincidence this happens after 5 bars, when the original pattern is a pattern of 5. Here is the phrase continued over 5 bars. Notice it starts again on beat 1 of bar 6 - straight after 5 full bars.



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