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In this lesson we will look at some basic samba patterns. Samba is a Brazilian style, typically played by many individual percussionists. As with any Latin American style that we play on the drumkit, the individual parts we play are a replication of the sounds heard from a Brazilian or Cuban percussion section. Basically you're using your 4 limbs to do the work of 4 people.

First let's learn the Samba Ostinato Figure played with the feet. This is imitating a Surdo drum part.

From here let's next put the ride cymbal on the top playing 8th notes..

Next let's play a rimtap on beats 2 and 4, the rimtap is imitating a clave sound. Here we have a very basic Samba feel..

Finally, let's add the first tom on beats 4 and 4+. The first tom is imitating a higher pitched surdo drum.

For a 2 bar phrase, bring the 2 tom notes one 8th earlier in the 2nd bar..



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