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In this lesson we look at a great exercise you can practice to improve your 4 way independence. This exercise also helps to build a vocab of ideas that you can play against a quarter note pulse on the hihat, a very useful skill. Whilst doing this, you are also teaching your ears/brain to hear how odd number units (such as 3's and 5's) can be phrased around the beat, and over the barline.

The exercise is broken up into 5 different units, all played as 16th notes, and all hand notes played together. In each exercise the RH moves around the toms, while the LH stays on snare.

UNIT 1: hands, 1 foot

UNIT 2: 2 hands, 1 foot

UNIT 3: both the above units - 1 hands, 1 foot, 2 hands, 1 foot = 5 notes total. Here are the 5 notes..

Which are then played within 16th notes as this..

UNIT 4: 3 hands, 1 foot

UNIT 5: 4 hands, 1 foot - another phrasing of 5 over 16ths..

All of the blue notes in the examples above are to illustrate where the new cycle starts again. The idea is to play these ideas around many toms, cymbals, and really extend the phrases out to hear what rhythmic shapes they make when continually phrased over many bar lines. 




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