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Dear drummer,

As you already know, half of what we do on the drumkit involves using both our pedals.
It's not enough to have great stick technique if your pedal technique is weak, and it's not enough to only have control with one pedal. All too often we spend a large amount of time developing speed, power and control with our sticks, and our pedals are a distant afterthought. Then when we get to the drumkit, a lot of technical issues arise because our feet are holding us back!

If this sounds like a problem you've encountered, I'd like to introduce you to Bass Drum Solution. Developed with this in balance problem in mind, Bass Drum Solution takes you step by step through the most important techniques to do with both single and double pedal playing; including all the hihat techniques.

Broken into 4 large chapters, Bass Drum Solution will teach you:

The Basics

Before we can learn about speed, power, precision and control, we need to learn how to setup and position our pedals properly. We need to learn about the pros and cons of all the popular techniques. We need to understand how to balance properly when performing different techniques between both feet at the same time. We need to understand how the leg muscles work as compared to the ankle and so on.

Don't underestimate how important this chapter is, because for so many people, the root of all their pedal problems are solved in this chapter!
Essential Vocab

There is a minimum standard of vocab you will want to have under your belt (feet?) before progressing to any fasterer technique. Make sure you can play all the standard 8th, 16th, 16th triplet and even 32nd and 64th note patterns with just one foot before moving on to any advanced accent patterns, hihat techniques or double bass beats and fills.

This crucial chapter will help you develop the great majority of patterns, phrases and ideas that you will ever play with a single pedal!
Pedal Independence

So often when we talk about independence, we mean the ability to play the hands freely, or "independently" of the feet. But what about being able to play the feet independently of the hands? It's just as important, yet most drummers rarely practice it! If you want to play creatively and spontaeneously with your pedals, you need to have a high level of independence, that can't be achieved by only focusing on your hands..

Practice pedal independence to take your pedal creativity to the next level!
Double Bass Drumming

These days it's becoming more and more important to be able to play with double pedals. Many of the popular styles coming out today, use double pedals across a multitude of subdivisions and tempos. Additionally, most of the elite drummers who are advancing the artform are doing it across 2, 4, 6 sometimes 8 pedals! And although that seems quite extreme to some, the least you want to do is have a basic grasp of the most common and important (also the easiest to play) double bass drumming beats and fills.

Here we look at 16th beats, triplet beats, 16th triplet beats, adding in 16th triplets and 32nd notes to 16th beats. Plus 16th and triplet fills using double pedals. An absolute must!

Bass Drum Solution leaves out gimmick techniques that only work well at one tempo range. Be it single or double pedals, you will learn an organic technique that transitions smoothly across all tempos, and all dynamic levels. Whether you want blazing fast metal speed or soft, precise jazz feathering; Bass Drum Solution has you covered.

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